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Database Integrity/UPC # Clean-Up. (Locked)
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Registered: March 3, 2000
Posts: 34
Hi. This is a question regarding database integrity. I was using the on-line listing to add to my want list and noticed that some titles have multiple 'upc' listings. While this makes sense for maybe a version that was released in '98 and new one in '00. Or a regular edition and a special edition. Take a look at some of the titles and you've got to wonder if someone mis-typed a upc number, the studio changed it prior to release or something like that. What are your thoughts on this? Is this even a problem or concern? How is it 'cleaned' periodically of incorrect information? Thanks, Matt...
InterVocative Software, LLC representativeKen Cole
Registered: October 12, 1999
Posts: 2,443
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Studios (especially Paramount), routinely release DVDs with 2 or more possible UPCs.  Presumably, this is due to manufacturing at more than one plant.

- Ken
Junior Member
Registered: December 30, 1899
Posts: 2
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User error certainly accounts for part of the problem. Just today, I noticed two new entries that had incorrect UPC codes--someone had added the "7" that precedes the UPC code to the code itself. The titles are Lost Universe 1 and Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 #1. The contributor's link didn't work, or I would have alerted him to this problem before more contributions were made with the same error.
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Registered: September 12, 2000
Posts: 16

FYI.  Paramount has multiple UPC's because for a while (I'm not sure if they still do) they would release each title in three different forms: Checkpoint, Sensormatic, and Generic.  The only difference between all three was the former two contained anti-theft tags inside the keepcase for their respective systems, and the latter had no tags at all.

Hoped this cleared things up.

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