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Contribution Errors (Locked)
Author Message
Registered: October 16, 2000
Posts: 276
I am having a problem contributing a profile that I have made. I contributed "Ultimate Dvd  Demo 1.3.1" twice and both times it gave it an incorrect UPC. The correct UPC is, 7-11027-20012-9. Sorry if this has inconvenienced anyone.

I have also had a problem with this same profile sometimes using other profiles covers. Are these problems related?

I have removed this profile and replaced it several times with the same results. Any help?
InterVocative Software, LLC representativeKen Cole
Registered: October 12, 1999
Posts: 2,443
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The DVD in question is in the system.  Note that the first and last digits are not used in DVD Profiler, so the correct UPC is 11027-20012.  It is in DVD Profiler under that UPC.

Hope this helps!

- Ken
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