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Map of the World UPC error (Locked)
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Registered: October 29, 2000
Posts: 81
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I appears that the bar code on "The Map of The World" is incorrect. I had scanned it to add to my collection and it wasn't found. I entered some basic data and submitted it. Later, I found that it had already been submitted with what I thought was an incorrect UPC code. I updated my entry and resumbitted it, noting that the previous entry had the wrong UPC code and a couple of errors.

As an afterthought, I went to the Image Entertainment site and looked it up. They showed it as 9630600922, which is what the earlier entry showed. I had scanned it as 9630600092, and this is also printed below the bar code. But 9630600922 is printed ABOVE the bar code, so this may be the correct UPC for the DVD.

I'm not sure what to do at this point, but I thought I would alert you to the problem.
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