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Missing profiles (Locked)
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Registered: June 2, 2004
Posts: 4,554
I'm running DVD Profiler on 2 machines: at home and at work. On my work machine there's a profile for "Sands of Iwo Jima", but if I try to add that disc at home, it's not found. I've refreshed tables from IVS, even uninstalled and reinstalled at home, but I don't find the disc. Am I smoking crack, or is there something that could interfere with locating this movie? Maybe because I'd already entered it manually?
Registered: October 30, 2000
Posts: 32
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Most likely this is the old problem of parental control rearing its ugly head. Go to options/parental control - allow all adult titles, refresh the online list and see if the title appears.

Cheers, Cammo
Registered: October 16, 2000
Posts: 276
Also use the "reset download timestamps" in,  tools/options/utilities, after switching your parental control.
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