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New Policy Regarding Email Addresses (Locked)
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Registered: January 22, 2001
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I changed my E-Mail address in my profile some time ago. It is not a Hotmail or other free E-Mail address.

The next time I tried to contribute a profile it was reject because I needed to verify my E-Mail address. So I signed in and submitted the request to have it verified. I received the E-Mail at home, clicked on the link and it took me to the appropriate place. I signed in but no luck. I am again told to that my address needs to be verified. I have tried it two or three times with the same result. Any suggestions? (Running Win XP and IE7).
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Registered: February 3, 2007
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My mail address is verified and everything but it still says that it is a freemail account, which is not true. xyz(at)versanet.de are the email accounts provided by my ISP Versatel. You could check it out at www.versatel.de
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