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The InterVocative forums are now closed to new postings.

Please visit the Invelos forums at www.invelos.com for DVD Profiler and related discussion.

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How long to wait for dvds on profiler database (Locked)
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Registered: June 4, 2006
Posts: 30

I recently went to add miss potter  and pan's labyrinth to my collection but cannot find these dvds anywhere region etc. I tried all spaellings but it is not in the database. They are two big films that have been out for a while now. Can someone help me out here.

Thanks Sab
Registered: January 2, 2002
Posts: 4,125
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See the post here

Short version - legal problems between V2 (IVS) and V3 (Invelos) caused update problems, this is now resolved and they have combined to one company and database.

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