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Images (Locked)
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Registered: July 27, 2000
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Out of about 160 DVD's I've entered, half don't have images.  So I started scanning mine, at 150 dpi, and using that in my copy.  I uploaded a few 'changed' profiles, with the images, but don't know if they are accepted or not.  It's quite a long process to update profiles one at a time.

The real question I have, is when the system is updated, what process is used so that changes I've made to my entries -- such as my own high res scans (or covers that differ from the ones on your site) are not overwritten?

I've 'locked' the cover images, but what exactly does that do?

How does the  program decide what records to re-sync, and which to leave alone?  For instance, if I update a cover photo, case type, or something, but on the host site the actors list is updated, will the entire record get over written? 

The short is, I'm willing to contribute, but it's not really clear how, and what happens when you do.
InterVocative Software, LLC representativeKen Cole
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Locking the cover images will prevent any changes to them through the program. 

In general, as we accept contributions, we attempt to merge the best information.  We strive to ensure that every update to a profile is a necessary and positive improvement.  That said, you always have the option to preview updates before you download them to ensure information you want to keep is not overwritten.

- Ken
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